The World's First Immersive 
Call Visualization Platform

Real-time call intelligence to optimize patient engagement and business performance

Linda Miles CSP
Founder of Linda Miles & Associates

Practice Optimization & Non-threatening Training

Amol Nirgudkar
CEO Patient Prism®

Convert More New Patients

Lisa Malone
Office Manager Knoxville Smiles

All New Patient Calls Coached

Robin Morrison
President of RLM Healthcare Marketing & Consulting, Inc.

Marketing Optimization

Amol Nirgudkar
CEO Patient Prism®

Overcoming Staffing Challenges

Dr. Nilash S. Patel
Serenity Dental

Re-Engage Lost Opportunities

Lisa Malone
Office Manager Knoxville Smiles

Training & Marketing ROI

Kelly Rivera
Senior Vice President DDS Lab

Front Office Effectiveness


the most innovative solution to
optimize practice performance

  • drive continuous STAFF improvement
  • quantify the results of your marketing
  • Acquire more new patients
  • Gain daily insight into missed opportunities
  • Respond to actionable visuals & smart alerts
  • Deploy relevant marketing promotions


You no longer need to listen to hours of recorded calls in order to measure lost business opportunities and learn why they are lost.

You’ll quickly understand which employees need development and the added information your receptionists need.

You’ll also see peak call hours and days when your phones are understaffed.


Our patented RELO (Re-Engagement Lost Opportunity) alerts send you audio visuals via SMS or email when calls are not converted into booked appointments.

RELO allows you to re-engage the patient to salvage potentially lost appointments.

You also receive alerts when calls go unanswered and potential new patients leave voicemails.


Our CallViz™ Keyword Cloud enables you to see the services callers are seeking and the relative frequency of the keywords they use.

Detailed CallViz™ Analytics capture the demographics of your incoming calls and actual keyword frequency.

Know what you need to promote through your marketing and also the niche expertise you should develop next.


of new patient calls
go unanswered.

Every missed or mishandled patient call is a lost opportunity.

Thousands of dollars are lost.

What our customers are saying...

Patient Prism® is not merely a software solution that tracks calls. It is a critical management tool that my entire staff utilizes on a daily basis to improve our patient service experience. Our front office conversions are up over 90% in 6 months.

Dr. Nilash Patel
Serenity Dental

I log on to Patient Prism® multiple times a day to ensure that every new opportunity is being booked and handled with the utmost care. The same day alerts allow me to quickly salvage missed opportunities. CallViz™ opportunity visualization is an incredible time-saving tool.

Dr. Donald Vespa
Pinellas Family Dental

Patient Prism® has fostered a continuous improvement mindset amongst all our employees. The gold and silver star rewards program motivates our staff to strive for excellence with each patient encounter, whether on the phone or in person.

Lisa Malone
Knoxville Smiles

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