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Knoxville dentist Stephen K. Malone, D.M.D. has provided comprehensive dental care for nearly 20 years  as a Knoxville dentist, with patients coming from Powell, Karns, Farragut, Seymour, Maryville, Oak Ridge and surrounding communities.

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Dr. Malone and his associate, Dr. Brent Dickenson’s comprehensive oral care includes developing a plan for your mouth to preserve your teeth for your lifetime and restore you to optimal oral health, function, and appearance so you have a healthy, vibrant smile. Creating a plan for your uniquely special oral health circumstances will make it possible for you to achieve health, comfort, and confidence while at the same time creating the oral health foundation you need to minimize more extensive dentistry over your lifetime.

Dr. Malone and Dr. Dickenson offer the full range of dental services in our one state-of-the-art office. Dr. Malone has been providing cosmetic dentistry services for nearly 20 years and pursued extensive continuing education, well above and beyond that required for licensing, just so he can provide the best dentistry has to offer today. His expertise in smile makeovers, whole mouth rehabilitation, crown and bridge restorative procedures, and many more cosmetic treatments is extensive. He does root canals and extractions himself, if you need them, as well as places dental implants. In fact, he offers a large range of dental implant therapy options. You can have your teeth straightened with Knoxville Invisalign, replace missing teeth, esthetically restore damaged teeth, whiten your teeth, and more. At the same time, you can receive TMJ (TMD) therapy that will correct any present occlusal problems, address bruxism, and eliminate jaw muscle pain—because Dr. Malone is one of the foremost scholars in TMJ diagnosis and treatment.

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The expertise Dr. Malone has achieved in diagnosis, treatment planning, comprehensive rehabilitation, and esthetic treatment of patients has been recognized by the world-renowned Pankey Institute for Advanced Dental Education. Dr. Malone was the youngest dentist to earn the status of Pankey Scholar. He is a Visiting Faculty Member at The Pankey Institute for Advanced Dental Education in Key Biscayne, FL and also one of eight international True Def Scanner faculty members of 3M Corporation. In these roles, he facilitates the postdoctoral studies of other dentists in multiple courses a year, including the use of advanced dental technologies.

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When you come to our practice in Knoxville, you will experience a dental office team devoted to making your experience the best possible, a caring team who puts you first. The new patient examination and check ups that follow are extremely thorough. And our dentists, Drs. Malone and Dickenson, and their entire team will take time to explain any discoveries made, answer your questions, explore your concerns and goals, and involve you in the development of treatment plans and options that are well thought out and most appropriate for you.

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When restoring or “cosmetically” treating your mouth, Dr. Malone will be dedicated to solving any functional problems and eliminating any present dental and gum disease you may have. When completed, your cosmetic makeover will be optimally healthy, comfortable, and long lasting. If you have a complex oral health situation with multiple needs, if you have had one or more teeth restored multiple times without success, or if you simply want a beautiful smile and haven’t known where to turn for optimal dentistry, give us a call.

As your regular Knoxville dentist, we are here for you and your entire family. Even if your needs are simple today, let us provide the regular professional teeth cleaning and check-ups you and your family needs to maintain a healthy mouth year after year. We love our patients and want to help you achieve and maintain a healthy smile for the rest of your life. Read about our dentists and team members. Learn more about dental procedures. And, give us a call at our Knoxville Dentist office to learn just how hospitable and caring we truly are.

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